About Troy

troy3Troy has become a nationally-acclaimed writer, voice, and advocate since his 2009 recovery from a life-threatening addiction to exercise and eating disorder after a guest appearance on the “Dr. Phil Show.”

He has been a dedicated national and international activist and educator for eating disorders, recovery, faith, LGBT issues, and healthy body image. Troy describes his motivation as “the simple act of paying his blessings forward.”

Troy serves as the Inaugural United States Male Representative for the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) Junior Board and 2013 Secretary, Eating Disorders Coalition (EDC) Team Lead – North Dakota, National Advisory Board Member and LGBT Liaison, Ophelia’s Place, Education Director for NORMAL in Schools, Inc. – North Dakota, featured speaker, Eating Disorder Hope, and Online Media Coordinator for the National Association of Males with Eating Disorders (NAMED). Previously, Troy executed duties as a former Advisory Board Member for the global eating disorders organization, MentorConnect, and former Advisory Board Member for the National Association of Males with Eating Disorders (NAMED).

With experience as an author, speaker, and advocate, Troy travels the country to speak on behalf of those affected by eating disorders to “put a name and face to the overwhelming issues affecting our generation, and strives to help others to make a difference.” He has a passionate voice for youth—helping to inspire, motivate, and foster hope.

With his desire for writing, Troy writes his own column in the Huffington Post, blogs for PBS’ “This Emotional Life”, authors a section in “Psychology Today,” and is partnered with Director/Producer Armand Mastroianni in various projects, including his memoir.

In addition to his role as a public presenter and advocate for health and social issues, Troy has held numerous local and governmental offices in the state of North Dakota.

Troy completed his bachelor’s degree in Health & Physical Education (B.S.E.) in 2008, and earned his master’s degree in Education, Cognitive Science & Mind/Brain Research (M.Ed., C/S) in 2012.